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Why is John Boehner still around DC?

In 2010 I read and heard him say he’s going for “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” but after the election, did he and his sort, do anything to bring jobs to the American people? Can’t read it anywhere and we are in 2013!

So it comes down to deceiving the electorate, yet he’s still Speaker of the House. The US House has had many recesses since he got the gavel, when do they work for the folks?

Too bad you folks in the US can’t easily get rid of them who are in office, yet obstruct any recovery of the US economy. This also has its bad influence in Europe and other parts of the world.

Wait till the 2014 election they say, for the GOP/TP politicians will be sent home, but will that really happen? GOP/TP has plans to rig the elections and I believe the various articles on internet media aren’t caught by the main stream media. Why?

Why aren’t the US ‘journalists’ en masse doing what they should do: expose the wrong? In my humble European opinion it’s because of those who control the media in the US. It’s because of all the money that corrupt the media.

Since George W. Bush et al left office, there has been – again IMHEO – no effort whatsoever initiated by the US MSM to get the economy on its feet again. Boehner et al haven’t been called out. Haven’t been constantly asked tough questions about what they are doing on jobs. No, it’s all President Obama’s fault. He hasn’t worked with the Republicans, he doesn’t connect with them, I read. Yet, I think he has tried to compromise with the losers of the elections. But, in American politics, the losers get to call the shots. It’s their way, or the highway.

US Congress is – IMHEO – one dysfunctional bunch of greedy children playing in a sandbox who keep the folks in the US hostage, year in year out. Journalists should be reporting on that and not making up ‘news’ or getting the ‘news’ from blogs set up by Right Wing Conservatives, who make up stories, repeat them, repeat them again, so eventually folks think its the truth.

What US media can still be trusted telling the truth? Even US Congress members don’t speak the truth. Many give speeches, lie to the people, make statements, many – IMHEO – so illogical or so stupid, yet they get their 15 minutes of fame for free, via the MSM. How many times do we read of apologies given after they are called out by so few?

How many times for instance do they lie about the ACA? Want it repealed, keep trying (is it now not 37 times already?) to do so, letting millions suffer again without adequate healthcare. Is this not an act of terror, treason?

The United States of Apology. It’s confusing for the many ill informed, the folks who believe Faux No News 100% daily. They never hear the apologies, the truth because they stick to the initial propaganda statement.

So, Boehner et al are still safe in their jobs, raking in their monthly salaries and perks, while the folks suffer on a daily basis. They don’t care, they are there for their re-election, they just want the money for their campaigns.

We now know what some former GOP/TP candidate did with the money people donated to her PAC. There journalists, dig that out and add Boehner et al along with the digging!

Dig out the truth of all those in office betting/investing against the US economy.

Dig out those who invested in a Keystone XL pipeline and promote, what will prove to be a disaster, to get a go ahead. Follow the money!

Call out John Boehner et al, call out the GOP/TP in both House and Senate. End the hostage taking, end the economic terror, they put the folks through. Do your job!

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US Politics is a Catch-22 Greed situation.

Don’t know everything at all about how US politics really work, but since I have come to Twitter in January 2009, I guess I now know a bit. It all comes down to $$, Banking, Wall Street, Oil Companies and as it seems an gun/rifle organization.

It’s all about the money, money, money and not like sung in a Jessie J. song Price Tag:

“It’s not about the money, money, money

We don’t need your money, money, money

We just wanna make the world dance

Forget about the price tag.”

For those, who are fortunate enough to be able to set aside some of the money they earn, or get through their own paid entitlements during their active years, or if they can, from a social benefit that is paid to them unfortunate not to be able to make it on their own, those Dollars and Cents goes usually to a Bank.

With your money or savings, the Bank tries to make more, in fact always makes more for their CEO’s and their investors. The interest you get from your Bank is nowadays minimal, yet them bonuses and perks for the top, keep growing.

Some don’t save their money, but try to get more by speculating in the Stock market or let me just call that Wall Street or any such exchange all over the world.

With your money these whiz folks, who live for greed, use your hard earned Dollar to make more for their investors, their CEO’s , themselves and last but not least you, who let them speculate.

Now in many countries the Internal Revenue get some of those earnings, but as I understand, in the US, not from Banks, not from Wall Street and not from Oil Companies. They have tax deductions, tax loopholes and even tax subsidies. So in my humble understanding, its the folks earning minimum wage and up, who pay far more taxes, not the millionaires like one Mitt R.

And there I come to politicians and especially the US ones on The Hill in Washington DC.

You got the Senators and them folks called Representatives in the House. Senators serve a term of 6 years, while Representatives serve a two year period. The President of the US has only 2 terms of 4 years if he or she can fulfill them.

Now how do those folks get there in their Offices? By the Dollars they get from folks who donate what they can. From Banks, Oil Companies, Wall Street and any other company that wants to spend big on politicians, yet pay their employees sometimes even less than minimum wage.

And there you have it: Money, it’s all about the Money, money!

Banks get the money from the folks;

Banks get their Subsidies from the taxpayer i.e. the folks;

Oil Companies get the money from the folks;

Oil Companies get the Subsidies from the Internal Revenue, who get it from the folks;

Wall Street get the money from the rich;

The Rich make the money off the folks;

Wall Street get the subsidies and bailouts from the Internal Revenue, who get it – again – from the folks;

Politicians get the money from all the above and a large potion from the folks.

Politicians are to serve the people, the folks, yet after being elected they serve the rich, add to their riches and many of the folks are still earning less than minimum wage.

Strike the Money Donations to the Politicians, many are rich already or become rich through their years and sometimes too many years in Office.

Strike the salaries and perks of the Politicians, since they are on Recess most of the time anyways.

Strike the Oil and Banking Subsidies they make off the folks already, with their gas prices and fees.

Strike the greed of Politicians, Bankers, Wall Street, CEO’s.

Strike the NRA for they seem to have the US Politicians in their pocket, yet the folks, many die from the weapons that are still allowed on the US streets, even still after Newtown.

Did I explain the Catch-22 greed situation, although just being simple here?

Reason why I call US politics: Totally nuts!

Now you can look and listen to the song:

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There is a place like this.


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Wish of today.

My Sunday Wish!

On this day I start this blog, my wish is that those on/in Wall Street NYC who have caused the recent financial problems to the whole world, be tried in Courts.

I wish all them CEO’s in the banking business all over the world, be stripped of the monies they made in bonuses or in stocks from 5 years before the crisis and all the years after, made to pay back in full to all the taxpayers that bailed them out.

I wish their salaries, bonuses and perks never be higher than the Prime Minister’s salary in their democratic elected Country.

And then: that the George W. Bush Administration, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleezza Rice are brought to account for their deeds regarding the wars they started in Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially also those who have gained by these wars and undoubtedly have made themselves more wealthy than they were before they came into office or were contracted to supply these war efforts.

With remaining today’s wish: that all the civilians who have lost their lives or lost family and friends and lost their possessions, savings and pensions, will one day be compensated by those who brought them all the injustice.

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Sunday March 24 2013

Good Day to All!

First post.